Debunking “Trans Women can be Not Girls” Arguments

While the feminists which recognize intersectionality, we feel that we will be fighting to finish every versions out-of sexism and you may marginalization – this consists of one another old-fashioned sexism and you can transphobia

I was has just questioned from the Nyc Times in the my personal functions and you may writings given that a good trans feminist. Fro yards pre-interviews discussions i shared, We understood you to my interviewer desired to ask myself regarding Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s statements of this past seasons wherein she stated you to trans ladies are not ladies. Therefore in preparation getting my personal interviews, I decided to revisit my first publication Beating Girl: A beneficial Transsexual Lady to your Sexism while the Scapegoating out of Womanliness and do a listing of most of the arguments which i made truth be told there to help you stop such as states. (suite…)

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