That Nigerian Kid Cannot Get married You: A warning So you can East African Females

The fresh ‘show me the Oga I direct you mine’ syndrome has actually rapidly give and these guys even have replaced the brand new light son taste. Exactly what lots of women do not know is they have a tendency to wines, dine and you can shag your but never wed your.

I spent a couple weeks within the Nigeria very early this year and you can the image I’d from their website- some body perform in different ways while in its unique environment- try instead additional. Nigerians usually avoid experience of people from other countries, specifically the females. It’s merely ashawos one to date light boys otherwise boys from other cultures- performed We say day? Sorry, sell is more want it. Their mediocre woman next-door Nigerian woman cannot even look within foreigner which means this produces an unjust advantage to the Nigerian man. Financial firms not why they don’t wed your. The reasons try:

Nigerians was a highly social parcel. Despite take a trip, contact with most other countries, copious naira they nevertheless manage their people- look how they top. So a father or mother will not want a foreigner having a child-in-laws to take ‘conflict’ within their society. Especially from a community which is so determined by south west which they usually do not kneel down in front of its husband’s mother or create old-fashioned foods.

A person will meet you, make you The united states following give you truth be told there to provide beginning when he stays in Nigeria playing with other ladies. Together with women can be ok using this. Hence Eastern African woman is agree to be left for the good foreign country just to make students to enable them to rating international passports? (suite…)

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