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Politically Completely wrong Feedback out-of Hong kong

John: This is thoughtlessly worshipping the west. So is this a parodied picture? Hong kong girls have to pay 4800 HKD meet up with Westerners, however, foreign guys can enjoy 100 % free foods and you will females? It’s unbelievable.

Matthew: On account of a dessert out of west sausage (*”western sausage” are a jargon to own Western european guy), they are prepared to consume less and you can defer brand new day out of to buy LV.

Nelson: Interesting! It seems the main point is not on overseas males rating totally free foods and female shell out $4800…The real main part would be the fact simply solitary women are qualified given that same rule doesn’t affect boys!

Birchwood: In reality, worshipping the west isn’t problems. But not, you need to worship the proper West stuffs. Including, you could worship London area Saint Martins Ways College or university, Lord Denning, Town Hall away from London area “Large Balls”, the new structures regarding Austrian spa resorts, gather the fresh blog post card which The uk sent to Ireland Queenstown, otherwise idiolise Baroness Dunn… If one desires praise south-west, you ought to become “top quality ethnic Chinese” instead of pretending like prostitutes regarding Lockhart Path – whenever Western navy wade ashore, they will query, “do you want a hit jobs?”

Arson: Prostitutes of Lockhart Path, American navy…Generally, all of them Orientalism: “The industry of Suzie Wong”, Eileen Chang’s “Aloeswood Incense: The first Brazier”… (suite…)

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