Was Polish and Czech Similar otherwise very Some other?

Brand new Slavic dialects, eg Shine, Czech, Slovak, and you can Russian, is split into around three subgroups: Southern Slavic, Eastern Slavic, and you may Western Slavic languages.

One another Shine and you can Czech end up in the same subgroup of your own Western Slavic dialects. Thus he’s very closely related, and therefore, they express a great amount of similarities.

But, how equivalent are they? What are the differences between him or her? These are the questions that we tend to respond to on this page. I also provided particular audio recordings being listen to the distinctions from inside the pronouciation anywhere between Gloss and Czech.

Origins of Shine and Czech

To higher know how Gloss and Czech connect to both, it is worth exploring the history of how they got its start. Those two Slavic languages come from the fresh Proto-Indo-Western european code, an extinct vocabulary one to existed of several centuries BC into the Central European countries and you can Central China. Indeed, very European languages as you may know them today result from the fresh Proto-Indo-Eu vocabulary.

However, right down to group migrations, so it language reach develop and you may split alone toward certain languages and later on the separate dialects. (suite…)

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